Tucson Black Voices, a portrait series by Kathleen Dreier, features the diverse experiences of our Black community. May we all be proactive allies as a result.

“Tucson is built of a melting pot of people but sometimes is hard to see. Being Black in Tucson means that I can be the change I want to see. I can be the face that brightens a dark room, I can be the smile that cuts the tensions can be the phoenix that rises in the dust. In this time and in this moment I chose to be Keneshia, I chose to stand up, I chose to speak out and I chose to be me.” ~ Keneshia Raymond,


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Voices of Race: Andres

Voices of Race: Andres

“As African Americans, we are caught in this world which celebrates the culture but not the people. 
I want to dare to dream…”

Voices of Race: AAPI

Voices of Race: AAPI

Voices of Race, a portrait series by Kathleen Dreier, is dedicated to amplifying the voices of our BIPOC communities and being a call of action to white people to be social change agents.

What White People Think:  Sara

What White People Think: Sara

My appearance takes after my dad, but my culture and upbringing are definitely that of my mom. This has always caused an internal struggle, or identity crisis. I have always been too white for Mexicans and too Mexican for white people.

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