On 04/26/21, Ciara Encinas, reporter with Tucson television station KGUN 9 News interviewed me in my home about my social change photography series, especially regarding Tucson Black Voices and What White People Think. It was an extraordinary opportunity and honor to speak to her about my ongoing body of work in which to date 200 people have participated. As the work is now crossing all races and ethnicities, I have begun to identify the overall project under the umbrella title, Voices of Race.

Here is the link to the KGUN 9 feature story.

As the work grows, I anticipate traveling to document people’s experience around the country and eventually develop a dedicated interactive web site for Voices of Race. There are two ways that you can contribute:

  1. If you would like your experience to be documented and shared, please send an email to kathleen@kathleendreier.com with your name, phone number and email address. There is no cost to participate and as a thank you, I give you low resolution files of your portrait that you may use on social media if you wish.
  2. If you would like to financially support Voices of Race, please become one of my Patreon supporters.

Partial statements can be seen on this web site both under the Projects section and Blog. To view portraits and full statements of some of the people who have participated, you can visit these Facebook pages:

Tucson Black Voices

What White People Think

Thank you so much for following the development of this important work. Together we move forward.


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Voices of Race: Andres

Voices of Race: Andres

“As African Americans, we are caught in this world which celebrates the culture but not the people. 
I want to dare to dream…”

Voices of Race: AAPI

Voices of Race: AAPI

Voices of Race, a portrait series by Kathleen Dreier, is dedicated to amplifying the voices of our BIPOC communities and being a call of action to white people to be social change agents.

What White People Think:  Sara

What White People Think: Sara

My appearance takes after my dad, but my culture and upbringing are definitely that of my mom. This has always caused an internal struggle, or identity crisis. I have always been too white for Mexicans and too Mexican for white people.

Community Reflections: Laura

Community Reflections: Laura

Meet Laura and hear her thoughts on what is going on in our country today. Her video is a sample of what you will find on my Patreon page.

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