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There are occasions that illustrate the significant markers of a person’s or family’s life experience: reunions, birthdays, weddings, engagements, high and college graduations, sporting competitions, holidays, military retirement, vacations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras. From birth to passing, each of us is a collection of moments that define and illustrate who we are.

Intuitively, personably, respectfully, and sensitively, I create visual mementos and a historic record that extends beyond one lifetime, becoming part of your family’s legacy. When I work with you and your family, my genuine perspective is that I have a sacred duty to serve you and your loved ones.

Love is love. I am honored to photograph people of all backgrounds and traditions.

I offer packages that include the session, my post production on your images so they look beautiful, two sets of the digital files, and personal use licensing. I create prints and albums when you wish. Documenting an event, you and I will discuss the significance of the gathering, the special people who will be attending, and the general schedule which gives me a doorway to knowing what to anticipate. During your event, I work with 2 cameras attached to my body so that I am in an instance able to capture the global mood of the entire room or an intimate private moment between two people.

This is an excerpt from a family’s testimonial regarding my services:

“Kathleen’s work on my husband’s military retirement exceeded our EVERY expectation! We had two separate events that required photography. She was more than willing to set up a fee arrangement and schedule to accommodate both the ceremony and evening reception. From the very initial communication, she exuded professionalism and an intent to understand what we needed. I was put at ease that she truly understood us, and what we needed to capture this very significant life event.

Her ability to seamlessly document every candid and special moment is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She prides herself on capturing the essence of an event and that she did! Her dedication to her craft as an artist makes her photography that much more special. Our friends and family all commented on how we all felt like we’d known her forever, and she fit right in. This enabled her to capture the authenticity of moments. We all were continually amazed at how it appeared she was everywhere at once.”

Please contact me directly at 520-245-6711 to discuss your photography needs and upcoming events, or you can reach me through leaving a message on my Contact page.

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To review Kathleen's full portfolio or to discuss your specific photography needs,

Please contact Kathleen Dreier Photography for a complimentary consultation.

Air Force retirement ceremony at Davis-Monthan AFB for Lt. Colonel Jay Martin after serving 23 years.
A portrait of Lt. Colonel Jay Martin, his wife Katie, and their children during Jay's Air Force retirement evening celebration. The family hired Kathleen to photograph both the ceremony and celebration, 6 hours, 2 separate venues and time frames.
During the evening celebration of Lt. Colonel Jay Martin's Air Force retirement, Kathleen set up a light in the middle of the room to capture spontaneous moments on the dance floor such as Mrs. Martin and a family friend playfully dancing.
Family holiday photo session. I offer a variety of packages to suit every budget.
After dinner wedding portraits using the features outside of the wedding venue. This image was taken on the grounds of Trail Dust Town in Tucson.
Maternity session with Kay and Nathan about one week before their daughter was born.
A portrait of Ms. Clara Moler to commemorate her 100th Birthday.
Ms. Moler, 100 years old, is overcome with emotion during her birthday party as a family friend comforts her.
Dr. Jennifer O'Neill gifted herself a sunset portrait session at Gates Pass in Tucson to celebrate her birthday in style.hday.
Dr. Jennifer O'Neill gifted herself a sunset portrait session at Gates Pass in Tucson to celebrate her birthday in style.
Early Sunday morning portrait session with mother Lakilia and daughter Eman at Agua Caliente Park in Tucson, AZ.
Once a year, I offer a day where people can have a mini-session and pay whatever they like. This is a portrait from that session.
Nabhahn's sister gave him a portrait session as a college graduation gift. This image was created at DeGrazia In The Sun, Tucson AZ.
Engagement session in the desert.
Wedding portraits at sunset.
This child has rare condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa in which blisters form all over the skin. Her parents asked Kathleen to photograph the 4-hour process of bathing and rebandaging her body. It is a privilege to document such intimate aspects of a family’s life.
Capturing the details of each wedding creates visual mememtos that will last for the rest of the couple’s lives.
Pets are beloved family members.
Troy and Mary’s friends surprise them with a paint powder celebration during their wedding rehearsal.
Portrait session during the Covid-19 crisis with an emergency room doctor and his family.
Family portrait session a a local park.
Seriously, with 4 little boys, how can one not end a photo session like this?
Wedding cake details.
Kathleen often uses environmental features available during the family session as spontaneous portrait props. Kathleen gave the children a simple prompt to do whatever they like with the free “library” at the park and this is the result.
Wedding ring details in the bride’s bouquet.
Using my portable indoor/outdoor studio set up.
Mother and daughter portrait session at the local zoo.
Adding artistic effects that enhance natural elements such as lens sun flares.
Kathleen is often asked to photograph private family matters such as adoptions, birth and dying moments.
In this image, Kathleen invited the children to have a race and the parents to play along. This is the result.
Kathleen captured this moment between a bride and her father when he sees her for the first time in her wedding dress.
Love is love. Kathleen honors all couples.
Some of the best family portraits are completely unplanned and uncomposed. The three little daughters were not interested in posing, sitting still or smiling, not one bit.
Intimate family moment between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law (who has dementia).
Sensing the dynamics of the group she is photographing as well as incorporating the uniqueness of the available environment, Kathleen playfully creates spontaneous portraits such as this party of groomsmen.
Kathleen saw this mother and her children carrying a couch down the street from her house and asked if she could take their portrait.
Desert sunset family portrait session.
Kathleen loves following the child or family’s lead in portraiture because beautiful moments like this occur.
Private high school senior graduation and lifestyle session.
Gathering on the church steps immediately following their wedding.
Family photo session in their own yard.
On location family photo session at a wetland preserve.
Working with the setting sun and off camera flash, Kathleen created this image that has a Gone With The Wind feel.
These young girls posed all on their own while Kathleen captured their individual personality.
The client knew that her beloved dog would be passing soon so Kathleen took their portraits at a sacred site in Tucson.


Thomas Barr, Vice President of Business Development, Local First Arizona

Kathleen is an incredible photographer to work with. She was punctual, professional, and delivered incredibly high-quality photos for our annual conference. We were impressed by her commitment to edit her first day of photos immediately so we could provide feedback for the 2nd day of our conference. While we didn’t have much to tell her to change as the photos were impressive and just what we needed, we appreciated her hard work and commitment to our event. I highly recommend working with Kathleen as she brings the top level of professionalism to your business needs.

Catherine Shaw, Marketing Director, Northstar Travel Group

Working with Kathleen to capture our 3-day corporate event was a delight. Kathleen took the time to understand our event format, mission and goals. She was professional, timely and communicative, and of course returned quality images! We will certainly be working with her again.

Marco Colbert, Race Director Tucson Bicycle Classic

I'm certainly glad we engaged Kathleen Dreier to photograph the third stage of the 2022 Tucson Bicycle Classic!  Her gallery of photos was wonderful and truly captured the spirit of the event as we requested her to do.  Kathleen's photos depicted bike racers and their families and friends having fun - which is exactly what our event was all about.  Kathleen was great to work with and satisfied the "shot list" that we gave to her.  She delivered the photos promptly after the event, and I know that she spent a lot of time curating the photos after the event.  The proof is in the pudding, I think.  Kathleen's photos of the TBC have already been viewed over 125,000 times!  We are looking forward to working with Kathleen again in 2023!

Lindsay Dreyer, OSA International INC

We were in urgent need of a photographer as ours had canceled at the last minute. We found Kathleen’s number through an acquaintance. She squeezed our event, which started the evening we called her, after having already worked a whole day at a previously booked shoot. With very little guidance, Kathleen went to work. She captured a wonderful variety of images of our conference, including some amazing photo-journalistic shots of the attendees, speakers, and ambiance. We’ll definitely be reaching out for her photography skills again!

The Wayland Group

Kathleen Dreier was an absolute pleasure to work with! She captured so many memories for us during our corporate event; it was like reliving the event over moment by moment when scrolling through the photos. She did not miss an opportunity to capture our team and was an absolute joy to work with. We look forward to when we are able to collaborate with her again.

James Owen, Vice-President, Edison Electric Institute

Kathleen captured the emotions, the authenticity, and the Kathleen’s energy and professionalism made our jobs easier on-site. She is a very talented photographer who engaged well with our group, culminating in some great photos that we have shared our members.

Alissa Blanchard, Watermark Retirement Communities

We were lucky enough to have Kathleen photograph our annual summit this year! She is meticulous and friendly and produced everything we asked for in the highest quality! We will work with her again in the future.

Kylie Walzak, Cyclovia Tucson Event Coordinator, Living Streets Alliance

Kathleen is wonderful to work with. Her rare gift for capturing the emotion and energy of the human spirit makes her work stand out. Kathleen has been one of Cyclovia’s official event photographers since the event started and each year her images tell the beautiful human stories of the day.

Eileen Wittman McLeod, Executive Director, STEP Student Expedition Program

Kathleen Dreier has been an absolute joy to work with. Her professionalism and clear communication upfront is beautifully paired with her warmth and easy going personality in person. We used her to photograph two events so far for our STEP Scholars and we’ll definitely continue to use her services over and over again. She was able to capture the little moments at our events without ever seeming intrusive and wonderfully managed a huge group for the big moments as well. The photos we received have been super well organized and are stunning. I can’t say enough about her! Tucson is so lucky to have her.

James F. Palka, 2011 Pulitzer Prize-nominated event photographer

I consider Kathleen Dreier to be one of the finest event photographers in the whole Tucson area. She was the first person who came to mind when Getty Images asked if I knew another photographer in town with whom to share a commercial assignment.

David Seeber, Marketing Director, Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance

As Marketing Manager for the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance, I hired Kathleen Dreier to photograph our 9th Annual Salsa, Tequila & Taco Challenge. In the past, we have always struggled to get truly incredible photos from this event due to difficult lighting conditions, weather issues, tight pathways & large crowds. Kathleen went above & beyond to ensure we got more than just the usual event photos, she gave us photos that told a story, felt artistic & intentional, while also feeling like they captured a split second moment that few other photographers would’ve seen. As a photographer myself, I truly appreciate the extra time put into framing & editing in particular. I would strongly recommend her for your next event!

Act One Arizona

Kathleen absolutely knocked it out of the park! She photography a work event for our non-profit organization and the photos are stunning! She was so easy to work with and great at communications! We will work with her again and again!

Proud Member